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6 Tips To Live More Positively

Did you wake up cheerfully this morning, optimistic about the day ahead? Or were you stressed and reacted briefly to your partner or children? To compensate for one negative feeling, three positive emotions are needed, according to research. Do you have enough positive feelings?

Emphasize the beautiful things 

Be aware of the good. Are you going to a theater performance that has had great reviews? Then try to pre-pack in advance: one of the most beautiful performances of the year, and you go there! In the break, tell yourself what a privilege it is to experience the game from so close. And enjoy at home before you go to sleep. Pre-fun, conscious experience, post-fun: it increases your positivity by a factor of 3.

Plan a mini holiday every day 

Why are your senses so much more open on holiday? Why do you enjoy the environment, the people, the smells and the sounds more on a holiday? Why don’t you take thatserene evening walk at home? Why not have a beer here in the local pub? A breakfast outside, at the beginning of a perfectly normal working day? A foot massage during your lunch break? 

Change your media menu 

The more people watch TV, the more violent the world is according to them. Not because they are better informed, but because they grossly overestimate the violence figures. Fredrickson: ‘If you fully immerse yourself in the news you are well informed, but it also takes its toll. Ask yourself to what extent the media influence your mood. And set up a media diet.”

Create positivity portfolios 

There are ten forms of positivity, says Barbara Fredrickson: inspiration, love, pleasure, pride, gratitude, hope, awe, interest, serenity and joy. Choose the three that appeal to you the most. Search for these feelings with photos, quotes, clippings, e-mails, text messages, post-its, and collect them in three folders or boxes. Consider them as living collections, let them grow – they must remain fresh to increase positivity. Carry one with you; the rest you get up. View a portfolio just before an important presentation, after a busy stress day, in the waiting room; just where or when it suits you. As soon as this portfolio gets boring, you take another one out of the closet.

Thank you where possible

Good appreciation also includes an appreciative summary, says Fredrickson. Do you have to say goodbye, whether it is something small or something big, then inventory what good has happened at the place in question. Tell your friends, after a dinner at home, that you have enjoyed their stories. Thank your colleague for his useful feedback. Fredrickson: ‘You’ll be amazed at how many times you have to deal with endings and farewells one day.’

Deal differently with negative people

Are you annoyed by a grumpy colleague or nagging friend? Ask yourself first critically: do I feed the negativity of this person in one way or another? Am I luring him or her with my own reactions or words? Experiment with your behavior. What happens if you give real attention, without asking questions and are open to what the person has to say? You can also change the situation. Does your friend always complain when you are in the pub together? Do something that inspires you both: cycling, a cooking course, going to the movies. That gives space for totally different conversations.

That’s it for today. Go out there, enjoy your life and don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for a daily boost of positivity!

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