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How can positive stories transform your life?

How can positive stories transform your life? 

80% of the news published in newspapers or getting telecasted are dealing with dirty politics, murder and all types of disturbing elements. It really feels frustrating to read or watch the news these days because of these depressive aftereffects. As a human being, we also have some limitations to digest negative news on a daily basis. As per the famous surgeon, Dr.Christiane Northrop, our nervous system is not designed to deal with all types of negative information or news on a daily basis. Thus we look towards some good news for a good start to the day.

Positive news not only brings a smile on someone’s face it also it works as a medicine for us. Listening positive news or such stories gives us a lot of benefits. Let’s understand today how can positive stories help to improve our lives.

Physical Benefit:

A lot of scientific studies conducted on this topic had shown an improvement in listening and watching positive news. A study, conducted in London in 3000 adults, had proved that people who are cheerful from inside, are optimistic. As a result of it, the level of cortisol is much lower in them in comparison to those who are the pessimistic. As per the letters from people who read Good News Network, an initiative by Thomas Jefferson, GNN playing a crucial role to relieve depression and worry symptoms.

There was a research conducted by the Harvard University School of Public Health on the effect of the positive stories in our health. They found out that optimism helps in decreasing the chance of developing heart problems as we grow older. It also helps in decreasing the rate of lung-decline as well.

Mental Benefit:

A study conducted by Huffington Post and Harvard Researcher Shawn Achor proved that constant watching 4-5 minutes of bad news increases the level of anxiety and depression. Wherein in the year of 2000, a study conducted by J. P. Harrell, shown us that just the opposite of it, wherein he found out that listening or watching positive news actually helped people to release their depression and get out of anxiety.

Multiple studies had been conducted from where it has been proved every time that listening to positive stories not only helps us to be physically benefited but also it helps towards our mental peace as well.

Dr. Kevin Keough, a clinical as well as police psychologist mentioned in his letter to GNN authority, “A 13-year-old boy was depressed and suicidal as he entered my office. He cited TV news as proof that there was no point to living, ‘Everything is out of control, it’s all bad news, people are killing each other, terrorism, corruption, kids being slaves.’ After I let him cry, I explained how TV news worked—that it didn’t reflect reality accurately—and I showed him your site. He started to cheer up. He smiled and gave me a hug. Life was okay again.”

Finally, to conclude, it is always suggested to read or watch something positive every day because it is our choice how we want to live our lives. Please don’t forget to leave a reply and follow us on Pinterest for a daily dose of positive quotes!

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